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Real-time Travel Agent Booking Functionality

If your hotel has formed a business alliance with one or more travel agencies, these agents can also be authorized to make real-time bookings directly into your Booxotel system using our proprietary and data-secured Travel Agent Module.

Travel Agent Contracts

The first step in allowing a travel agent to book rooms at your hotel involves implementing a Booxotel Agent Contract for each one of your elected travel agents.

Each Booxotel Agent Contract allows you to specify the following terms for each contract:

Travel Agent Contract Activation

After you have set up one or more agent contracts, you can then instruct your Booxotel system to email each of your elected agents a special password. Using this password, each of your agents will be able to download Booxotel's Travel Agent Module to their own computer.

Once your agent has downloaded the Travel Agent Module, they will no longer need to contact your hotel to confirm room availability as each of your elected agents can now view and book - IN REAL TIME - any or all of the rooms you have specifically contracted for them.

Hotel-wide room inventories will, of course, affect the number of rooms any of your elected travel agents can view and book. For example, if there are only 4 standard rooms in your hotel's inventory on any given date, then your contracted travel agents will only see - in real time - that 4 standard rooms remain available for booking.

The Travel Agent Module also allows your agents the ability to SHOW prospective walk-in guests various aspects of your hotel through descriptive sales text and photography. No longer will your agents try to sell your rooms based on memory, hearsay, or out of date marketing brochures.

Hotel owners can rest assured that the Travel Agent Module contains a number of unique security protocols which only allows each agent to view and book the specific number and types of rooms as provided for in their contract; all other hotel information not provided for within your agent contract is securely hidden from view.

Travel Agent Control Panel

After you have activated a travel agent contract, you have full administrative access to each of your agent's booking activities. Using this special control panel, you can instantly view what rooms an agent has booked as well as the full detail of each booking.

A few of the key features of the Travel Agent Control Panel include the ability to:

Travel Agent Tour Bookings

Authorized travel agents may also pro-actively pre-sell bookings for additional hotel add-ons and profit centers, including guest tours, airport pick-up services and more.

For additional information on these Travel Agent Module options, please see "Real Time add-on booking options: tour packages, airport pickup, and more", or click here.