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Pre-Book Hotel Services On Line: Airport Pick-Up, Tours, and more

Another exclusive Booxotel feature includes the ability to offer your authorized travel agents the ability to sell other, non-room-related, hotel products and services to any of your prospective guests. These services may include airport pick-up, tour packages, spa promotions, and more.

The advantage of this feature to your hotel is clear: now each of your elected travel agents can pro-actively sell additional hotel products and services to your guests before they arrive! The benefit of this special feature will also be immediately apparent to each of your agents: now they can collect additional commissions from each product and service they sell on behalf of your hotel.

Here's how it works

As you set up your Booxotel system, you will be entering various hotel products and services that you would like to sell. After you have entered these items - as well as your desired pricing for each - you can authorize any of your additional products and services to be displayed within Booxotel's internet reservations module.

After your travel agent has booked a room for your guest, they can then offer any of the designated products or services listed as well. If, for example, a guest would like to be picked up at the airport, the travel agent simply clicks the button next to "Airport Pick Up" and a booking for that service is executed and confirmed in REAL TIME.

Not just for Travel Agents

While the real beauty of this feature allows your travel agents to pro-actively sell any additional hotel products or services you may offer, once you designate one or more items to be displayed within Booxotel's internet reservation module, even your on-line booking guests will be able to view and select these products and services as well!