Five years ago, we set out to craft - from the ground up - an astonishingly flexible and affordable set of tools to help hotels and resorts increase their room sales and overall productivity. After the Booxotel Hospitality Suite was completed some of our early clients asked "I can't believe I can get all this for such a small fee per occupied room. What's the catch?"

Our response: "No catch" - we simply know that "Booxotel Hotels" have the ability to be more financially prosperous and operationally efficient than hotels that don't use the Booxotel system. As with any good partnership, if your hotel is more successful using Booxotel, then so are we.


Here are the Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs Booxotel

Here's What You Get:

*If your establishment is primarily a restaurant operation and your restaurant sales are significantly higher than your room sales, Booxotel reserves the right to make a charge based on your restaurant turnover.