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Flexible Discount Calculations for Individual Items or Total Purchases

On various occasions, you may want to offer your guests Point Of Sale discounts on assorted products and services - even room rates - throughout your hotel. Booxotel makes applying special percentage or fixed-amount discounts on nearly any item you sell virtually effortless!

Product and Service Discounts

At the time you sell any item to any guest, you can always apply a percentage or fixed-amount discount to individually-priced products or services in your hotel. You may also apply an overall discount to the total price of any number of items being purchased.

For example, if a guest purchases 10 postcards, 3 bottles of water and 2 magazines from your gift shop, you can offer that guest a discount on any one - or many - of the items purchased. Or, you may apply an overall discount to the total price of the sale.

Room Discounts

To help discourage your guests from "shopping-around" for the lowest priced room in your area, you may also offer a percentage or fixed-amount discount on any room to any potential guest.

Discounted room pricing can also be applied to any room after your guest checks-in.

Happy Hour Discounts

Special discounts may also be applied to one or more categories of items in your coffee shop, restaurant, bar, etc. Happy Hour discounts are applied as a percentage - not as a fixed rate - and can be activated or deactivated at any time you wish.