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Flexible, Comprehensive Sales Management Reporting

After choosing a specific date range to examine, Booxotel's Sales Management Reporting module will instantly display accurate statistical information for Hotel-Wide Sales, Discounted Sales, Pre-Booked Meal Sales, or Pre-Booked Retail Sales.

All report types can be easily printed for management presentation and archival purposes.

Hotel-Wide Sales Reports

This report gives a detailed analysis of all revenues generated from each sales outlet in your facility as well as service charge and tax assessment break downs, cash and credit card payments, room charge itemization and "Other Payment" line-items.

The real power of this Hotel-Wide Sales Report enables you not only to view the statistical data over whatever date range you specify, but comparison data from the PREVIOUS YEAR as well!

The Hotel-Wide Sales Report data is broken down into six columns titled as follows:

Of course, if you choose a start date later than the beginning of the current month, you will only see the totals for the current month from that date; this also applies to data displayed in the year to date columns.

You may also instantly hide rows containing zero values and change the date parameters any time you wish to generate additional reports.

Discount Reports

This report offers a detailed examination of discounted products and services offered to specific guests over a given date range. Key aspects of this report include:

Pre-Booked Meals Report

If your hotel offers a room promotion which includes - for example - a free breakfast, your kitchen staff will obviously need to know how many promotional breakfasts they might need to prepare.

The Pre-Booked Meals Report solves this planning and preparation dilemma by instantly displaying how many "promotional meals" will potentially be needed on any given day.

Specific information contained within this report includes: the names and room numbers of the guests who are eligible for the meal promotion, how many meals were allocated to each guest's room, and what type of meal the guest is entitled to.

Pre-Booked Items Report

Similar to the Pre-Booked Meals Report, the Pre-Booked Items Report offers specific, detailed information relating to any hotel products and services which have been pre-booked by your guests on any given day.

Pre-booked items may include Airport Pick-Up, Flowers In Room Upon Arrival, City Tours, or any other product or service your hotel offers at the time your guest makes their reservation.

Specific information contained within this report include: the product or service requested, the quantity of the products or services requested, flight arrival details (if applicable to the product or service), and full guest and reservation detail.