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Comprehensive Sales-Item Inventory Tracking

Booxotel's comprehensive inventory tracking suite affords you an accurate and up-to-date view of each and every retail product your hotel sells.

Add Inventory Tracking to Sales Items

In this module you will choose specific Sales Items to track. After a sales item has been selected, you can enter the item's current stock levels, assign the item to a product category, specify "suppler unit" and "serving unit" values for the item, and set an item's minimum inventory level before re-ordering is required.

Stock On Hand

Your Stock On Hand module gives you a quick and accurate line-item overview of all inventory-tracked products. This module will also allow you to change the current inventory level for each tracked sales item.

Book-In Stock

When stock levels for any retail item are replenished, your Book-In Stock module allows you to enter the quantity of each new item delivered. The incoming quantity entered is then added to the current stock-on-hand value for the selected item.

Re-Order List

Your Re-Order List module displays all products which are currently at or below their preset minimum inventory levels. Sales items which have reached a critical re-order level are shown at the very top of the display; the next "most-needed" item is shown next, and so on.

Audit Report

Your Audit Report module displays a comprehensive, categorized listing of all tracked products your hotel sells. When it's time for your staff to take a manual stock-count, this list can be printed out as an easy-to-use product/count guide.

After a manual product count for each item has been entered back into the system, the Audit Report automatically displays system vs. physical count comparisons. Items with significant count deviations are color-coded for easy identification so these items can be - if required - re-counted.

When you are satisfied with the physical count, you can - if desired - automatically reset current stock-on-hand values with the physical count values for all products.

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