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Unlimited Sale Items with Variable Pricing for Each Sales Outlet

After you have set up all of the sales outlets in your hotel (gift shop, tour desk, coffee shop, etc), you can begin inputting all of the products and services your hotel will sell. Once you have input all of your products and services you will then need to price and link each item to any number of sales outlets you would like.

Individual products or services can also reflect different prices for any sales outlet you choose!

Here's How it Works

As a practical example, let's say that you will be selling a bottle of mineral water in your hotel. Let's also assume that this bottle of mineral water will be sold in three different sales outlets for three different prices: it will be sold for $1 in your restaurant and bar area, $1.25 from the mini-bar in each room, and $1.75 in the refrigeration section of your gift shop. Same bottle of water. Three sales outlets. Three pricing levels.

Following the example above, you simply click on the line item for your bottle of mineral water, choose your restaurant and bar sales outlet, and then enter a sales price of $1. You will then repeat this process for your other two Sales Outlets: select Room Mini Bar as the sales outlet, input a sales price of $1.25; select Gift Shop as the sales outlet, input a sales price of $1.75.

Your Booxotel system also allows you to add any additional charges (such as sales and value-added taxes, service charges, etc) to any product in any sales outlet.

Sales Start and End Dates

One additional step required when pricing and allocating items to different sales outlets involves the setting of a sales start and end date. Your Booxotel system will automatically default to "tomorrow" for any item's sales start date, but this default can be changed to any date required.

The default activation delay of "tomorrow" allows you to easily change product/pricing details or correct product/pricing errors previous to any item's system-wide activation. When your start date arrives, all items on any given start date are activated in your system.

With the exception of date-specific promotional offers (discussed below) - as well as items which have increased in price from your distributor - your products and services will NOT normally require a sales end date.

In order to change pricing due to distributor increases - or any other reason - you would select the product affected, indicate its new price, and then select a start date for the new price to take effect. Once this is accomplished, the product's PREVIOUS price in the outlet selected will automatically have its end dates set to the day BEFORE the new price is initiated. This allows the product's new price to transparently go into effect on its specified start date.

As with virtually all of your data in your Booxotel system, you may add, edit or delete any product or service from any sales outlet you would like at any time.

Promotional Offers

Another valuable aspect of Booxotel's start and end date feature is the ability to specify the start and end dates for any special promotional offers for any sales outlet. For example, if you have a Flower Shop you may want to offer a Valentine's Day promotion on one dozen red roses.

To create a promotion of this kind, you would select one dozen red roses in your Flower Shop's product list, discount the price to - for example - $10.00 (assuming that your regular sales price is $20.00) and set the start date of the promotion to February 14. You would then choose one dozen red roses again, re-input the regular price of $20.00 and set a start date of February 15.

Once this is done, one dozen red roses will be shown in your system as $10.00 on February 14. On February 15th, however, the same one dozen red roses will once again reflect the regular sale price of $20.00.

Pre-Selling Your Products and Services on the Internet

Any product or service your hotel sells can also be automatically displayed to customers using your Internet Reservation Module. This sales-savvy option will allow hotel guests to pre-book any non-room sales item at the same time they're booking a room! Authorized travel agents can also pre-book items for their clients as well.

Items you could offer for pre-booking from within your Internet Reservation Module could be Airport Pickup service, fresh flowers in the room upon arrival, an exclusive city tour, or anything else you would like to offer.

View the Demo

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