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Flexible, Multiple-Date Room Activity Reporting

Of the many different types of hotel data your Booxotel system can automatically generate, one of the most critical reports would be room activity statistics displayed for a specific date or range of dates.

This particular Booxotel reporting module will instantly display accurate statistical information for the following aspects of your hotel:

The real power of this module involves the ability to view not only the statistical data for the date or date range required, but comparison data from the PREVIOUS YEAR!

The data displayed by this module is categorized into six columns as follows:

If you choose a start date later than the beginning of the current month, you will only see the totals for the current month from that start date; this also applies to data displayed in the year to date columns.

To initiate a room activity report, simply choose the desired start and end dates of your report, and within moments - not hours! - all of your hotel's vital room and occupancy statistics are presented.

You may also hide rows containing zero values, print the report for management presentation and archival purposes, and change the reporting date parameters any time to generate additional reports.