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Real-time, Color-Coded Current and Future Occupancy Room Planner

Booxotel's Room Planner offers a real-time long-range overview of your hotel's past, present and future room activity. This easy-to-use display allows you to view the status of up to 20 rooms at a time over a period of 7-days before and 28-days after any date you choose.

Color-Coded Room Status Labels

Similar to the color-coded room tiles found in your Room and Guest Status Monitor, each room shown in the Occupancy Planner is also color-coded to indicate the status of each room in your hotel.

Just a few of the many colored status labels include: rooms reserved for future occupancy, rooms currently occupied, rooms allocated for hotel staff use, rooms undergoing maintenance, and much more.

The full list of room status colors available in your Room Occupancy Planner are shown below.

Additional "text-only" room status indicators (not shown) include "Move To" and "Move From", "Arrival Before Normal Check-In Time", "Departure After Normal Check-Out Time" text flags, and more.

Date Selection

The room status displayed for the 35-day activity period is anchored to the specific date chosen. For example, if you choose August 27 in the Room and Guest Status Monitor and then activate the Room Planner, the activity period displayed will start from August 20 through September 23.

Once the Room Planner is open, you can easily scroll the display - day by day - forward into the future or backwards into the past.

Locating Specific Guests and Reservations

Specific guests and reservation information for all active rooms shown can be easily located by Reservation Number or Guest name. Simply choose a reservation number or guest name from the drop-down list and the room allocated to that reservation or guest is instantly highlighted.

View Guest and Reservation Detail

To view specific guest and reservation detail attached to any active room shown, simply click on the color-coded room status label. Once clicked, a pop-up information panel will appear which contains all guest and reservation information including: guest name, length of stay, check-in and check-out dates, occupancy levels, and more.

View the Demo

To view a demonstration of Booxotel's Room Planner functionality, please click on the View Demo button shown below.