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Real-Time Color-Coded Room and Guest Status Monitor

Booxotel's Room and Guest Status Monitor offers a comprehensive overview of up to one thousand rooms in your hotel. This intuitive, real-time display includes color-coded room status tiles and "one-click" pop-up information panels with detailed information about each room and guest in your hotel on the date selected.

Date Selection

Booxotel's Room and Guest Status Monitor always shows the current state of your hotel for the current date. You may also choose other dates to view, including the previous or next day as well as any other date you would like to view from the date picker.

Descriptive Labels

Once you choose a specific date to view, the Room and Guest Status Monitor will present you with a full display of "room tiles" for each accommodation in your hotel. Each tile clearly shows each room number or name, the "type" designation for each room (e.g. Standard, Deluxe, etc), and the status of each room on the date selected.

Rooms available for occupancy are labeled as Empty. "Active" room tiles - those rooms which are awaiting a guest to check-in, rooms awaiting a guest to check-out, or rooms which are currently occupied - are clearly labeled with the name of the occupying guest.

Colored Status Indicators

Rooms which are booked for check-in on the date chosen are indicated by a bright green room tile. Rooms which are currently occupied by a guest on the date chosen are indicated by a yellow room tile. Rooms in which a guest is scheduled to check-out on the date chosen are indicated by a red room tile if viewing today's date or before today's date.

While bright green, yellow and red room tiles will most likely be the most prominent, Booxotel also includes a comprehensive pallet of additional room tile colors used to distinguish other room states as well. These additional room tile colors include:

Pop-Up Room Information

Clicking on the room number (or name) within any room tile will display the selected rooms' various specifications including: Room Type, Room Options, Maximum and Minimum occupancy levels, booking priority level and number of nights the room has been in service over the past 12 months.

Pop-Up Guest and Reservation Information

Clicking on the guest name within any room tile will display the selected guest's personal and reservation specifics, including: room occupancy (adults, children and infants), number of nights the guest will be staying, check-in date, check-out date, room rate, various guest requests, room reservation number and guest folio designation.

View the Demo

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