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Real-time Room Bookings made Directly from Your Website

Booxotel's real-time room reservation module offers your guests the ability to make internet room reservations from your existing website. If you don't have a website yet, we've solved that problem as well - please see the How It Works section below for details.

Here's the best part: No matter how many bookings are made through your Booxotel reservation module, no transaction charge is ever assessed by Booxotel!

Here's how it works

If your hotel already has an existing website, we will supply you with a short snippet of HTML code which can be quickly and easily implemented anywhere on your website as a link or button. This link or button could say "Reservations" or "Reserve Now" or whatever you would like. Once this code is in place, you're ready for the world to view, reserve and pay for any rooms you have available during the user's specified check-in and check-out dates!

If your hotel doesn't have an existing website, you may still utilize Booxotel's internet room reservation module in one of two ways:

  1. Choose an internet domain name (i.e. and - for a modest annual fee - we will register and manage your chosen domain for you.

    After we have registered your domain, we will implement Booxotel's internet room reservation module on your behalf, or?/li>
  2. Simply advertise that customers may make a room reservation at your hotel by going to the following internet address:

If you choose either option 1 or 2 shown above, you will need to contact us for additional details during your Booxotel set-up process.

Instant, real-time bookings

Unlike other off-the-shelf internet reservation systems, it's important to note that Booxotel's reservation module is, indeed, a REAL TIME booking solution. When a guest views your room availability, the number and types of rooms they are seeing ARE ONLY the rooms you have available AT THAT VERY INSTANT (up to the room limit you have specified during the configuration process).

Once a guest confirms their booking, all rooms chosen are INSTANTLY BLOCKED for THAT CUSTOMER and the total number of available rooms for your hotel are immediately and accurately re-calculated.

After the booking process has been completed, your guest will receive an email confirmation of their reservation and your guest's booking will immediately appear throughout your Booxotel system as a confirmed reservation.

Credit Card Details and Authorization

At the conclusion of any internet reservation, you may configure your Booxotel system to debit your guests credit card in two different ways: through an on-line Merchant Payment Gateway service, or through any one of a number of credit card payment services such as PayPal.

If you choose NOT to take advantage of a Merchant Payment Gateway or other credit card payment service, your guest's encrypted credit card details remain saved with their Booxotel reservation record. Your guest's Card Security Code Number (CV2), however, will not be saved anywhere in your system in accordance with credit card company regulations.

Since you still have access to your guest's primary credit card information, it may still be possible to authorize or debit your guests credit card via a "Card Not Present" transaction. Since laws governing "Card Not Present" transactions vary from country to country, we would suggest that you refer to your credit card merchant account provider for additional information.

View the Demo

To view a demonstration of our internet reservation module's intuitive workflow, please click on the View Demo button shown below.