Here are 25 more reasons your hotel NEEDS booxotel.

Information access permissions.     Grant or deny data viewing/editing access to subordinates ensures that various hotel tasks and information can only be viewed/altered by specific employees.

Retail inventory control.     Booxotel's retail inventory module lets you know when to re-order hotel consumables and helps to prevent pilfering.

Unlimited retail sales outlets.     Set up and administrate as many retail sales outlets as you like including Room Sales and Service, Bars, Restaurants, Mini-bar, Laundry, Concierge, Tour Desk, Gift Shop and more.

Food and Beverage outlet administration with touch-screen option.     Run virtually any food and beverage outlet (from any computer workstation or touch screen interface) without purchasing proprietary POS software.

Pre-check-in product and service sales.     Sell virtually any hotel product or service (tours, spa services, etc.) at the same time a customer or travel agent makes an online booking.

Automatic, free, feature upgrades and updates.     When we improve or upgrade Booxotel, software upgrades or new feature sets are yours for free! No service contracts or upgrade costs!

Minor monthly fee based upon the number of occupied rooms per night.     No up-front fees: you only pay a fraction of your room cost to use Booxotel. Not only that, but no payments are necessary until at least two weeks after your guest checks out.

New room and sales outlet prices are immediately active on the date you specify.     You may activate new room or sales outlet prices immediately, or on any date desired.

Room Package pricing.     Make more money from selling room package promotions – simply specify the number of nights required and what’s included in the package.

Room prices can include anything you like.     Allows your guest to choose from various room promotions you have available at the time of booking.

Seasonal room prices, day-of-week pricing, short-time pricing.     Easily implement any pricing scheme you would like to maximize profits and competitiveness.

Visual drag-and-drop room planner.     Makes managing your rooms a simple task; instantly displays room details including size, type, features, etc.

View status of contracted travel agent transactions.     Centralized control over all of your contracted booking agents speeds work flow and allows instant access to all the information you need.

Free Travel Agent module.     Contracted travel agents can view and show clients pictures of your hotel, check room availability and immediately make confirmed bookings without time consuming interaction between your agent and hotel staff.

Easy, intuitive hotel set-up process.     Walks you through a step-by-step process to ensure all the data needed to set up your Booxotel system has been entered.

Automated registration form generation.     Streamlines guest check-in. Registration form automatically includes guest folio number to match physical folio envelope.

Displays guest-name / room number matches and other guest information as you type.     Simplifies and streamlines guest search tasks.

Configurable on-time and late check-out charges.     Simplifies and streamlines check-out time and overstay charge tasks.

Extend single reservations, split group reservation, etc.     Full control over all reservation items. Individual day reservation changes can also be made.

All items consumed or purchased within your hotel are instantly posted to guest invoice.     Comprehensive, error-free check-out invoicing including check-out purchases.

Management and Daily Action reports.     Quickly generate daily occupancy and sales reports as well as year to year comparisons and more.

Off-site sales outlet can securly charge to guest rooms.     Affords additional sales potential from off-site retail establishments of any kind.

Easy, accurate guest room moves at any time during guest stay.     Efficiently streamlines this often required (and frequently complex) guest operation.

28-day room type planner shows rooms available, in-use, wait-listed, out-of-use, etc.     Instantly displays the current status of all rooms in your hotel for any day you choose.

Individual rooms and groups of rooms can have multiple room type specifications.     Increases profitability by affording complete flexibility over room type set up. Real room availability is automatically calculated.

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