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Fully Secure Hotel Information and Guest Transactions

As with Booxotel's intuitive workflow and comprehensive functionality, securing your hotel's sensitive data has always been paramount on our list of priorities. Accordingly, we have made sure that all of your private hotel data, guest information and credit card details are protected from theft by multiple layers of Booxotel system security protocols.

Securing Your Internet Transactions

Your Booxotel system is, in essence, made up of two separate - but completely dependent - parts: your Booxotel's desktop application, and Booxotel's state-of-the-art servers. Anytime a change is made to your hotel data through your desktop application, an internet-based data transfer link accesses your hotel's database on one of our servers.

Once this link is created, sensitive data - such as guest names, credit card details, hotel report requests and various other information - is then transmitted from your desktop application to Booxotel's servers by industry standard HTTPS encryption protocol. Use of the HTTPS protocol ensures that the data being transferred cannot be stolen or viewed by any third party.

The HTTPS data transfer protocol used by Booxotel is the same encryption methodology used for on-line banking and e-commerce transactions world wide.

Securing Your Database Information

Specific information in your hotel's database is likewise protected by one of the strongest forms of encryption available: the RSA asymmetric encryption protocol. Items encrypted using RSA include your Master User system password and the credit card numbers of your guests.

RSA encrypted data exceeds the data security requirements of credit card companies world wide and is virtually impossible to decipher.

Less financially sensitive data such as guest names and contact details, hotel staff system passwords, and more, are also encrypted by symmetric key encryption algorithms.

It's important to note that, while your guest's RSA encrypted credit card numbers ARE stored in your hotel's database, your guest's CVV code IS NOT captured or stored in your database. This security safeguard is implemented in accordance with global credit card regulations.

Securing Staff Access to Your System

The person who signed up for, and downloaded, the Booxotel Hospitality Suite is considered the "Master User" or Owner of their Booxotel system. Master Users are supplied with a Master User system password which gives them system-wide access to all of the Booxotel modules and functionality for their hotel.

Master Users may, at any time, grant module-level password access to other hotel staff as would be appropriate to the staff member's position. Staff members may also grant password access to their subordinates as required.

Master Users can, of course, immediately revoke any staff member's password - and therefore system access - at any time.

Master Users - and no one else - can download additional copies of their hotel software to other computers as needed by various staff members. This precaution ensures that hotel staff can only logon to your system from your hotel's computers or those within your various sales outlets.